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Cooperatively owned housing provides a unique form of home ownership. Resident-owners purchase individual shares in the Cooperative and assume responsibility for the operation of the housing development financed by your monthly fee.

A Cooperative:

~ Is a not-for-profit corporation providing housing for its members essentially at cost.

~ Has specifically written "Articles of Incorporation" and "By-Laws". The Corporation holds title to the apartment homes, assuming mortgage, taxes and other obligations needed in the financing and operation of the development. This relieves individual members of direct liability for these items.

~ Is financed by a Master Mortgage.

~ Provides owners with the same tax benefits enjoyed in a single-family home:
Deduction of Homestead Real Estate tax
Federal and State Income tax deduction on mortgage interest
Deduction of Federal and State Property tax

~ It governs through a Board of Directors, elected by shareholders.

~ Operating Budget is adopted annually by the Board of Directors, and monthly charges reflect individual members' share of this budget.

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"We really enjoy the underground parking in a heated garage from November until April, so no snow to brush off the car, plus you get into a warm car. Then April to October when you come home with your groceries, you don't get soaked in a rain storm ..."

- Bill & Ann H.