Secure and satisfying independent living for 62+ seniors


Read what our senior residents are saying about our warm, friendly, senior housing in Plymouth. From the carefree, independent living they cherish, to the beautiful location and security that's important to all of us.

"Go "south" for the winter? No more for me. My apartment is cozy and warm. Even my car is warm in the heated garage. Exercise... I walk in the brightly lighted carpeted halls or try the exercise room. Lonesome?... not with the fun parties and activities here. Want companionship... the fellows have morning coffee. The gals have chit-chat time later in the afternoon. I feel blessed to live at Cornerstone Co-op." - Julie S.

"There are reasons why living at Cornerstone is enjoyable - outside of those found in our building - and they are all close by! Grocery stores and many other stores and shops, restaurants, a movie theater, public library, health services and churches of five different denominations. What convenience!" - Shirley Y.

When we leave for the winter or go to our lake cabin, we lock our apartment - no worries about frozen pipes or snow. We just leave." - Bob & Barbara J.

"Cornerstone Cooperative can be summed up in three words... location - location - location. We are close to the city, yet at the edge of the country. Nearby highways carry residents to malls, theaters, restaurants and other places of interest. Best of all, we are a community of friends - available to help, but respecting privacy. We welcome all newcomers into our family." - Tom M.

"We really enjoy the underground parking in a heated garage from November until April, so no snow to brush off the car, plus you get into a warm car. Then April to October when you come home with your groceries, you don't get soaked in a rain storm, plus you don't have to worry about unexpected hail damage to your car." - Bill & Ann H.

"Being a widow and living alone in a big house, I was lonesome. What I enjoy most about Cornerstone is the big family of wonderful people that are here. When I want someone to talk to, there's always a friendly face around the corner. When I need help in my apartment, there's someone to take care of the problem. When I need to borrow a cup of milk or need help in opening a jar, there's always a neighbor that will assist me. I feel safe and secure with all the wonderful friends I have here, knowing if I need anything, they will be there for me." - Helen W.

"Living is enjoyable at Cornerstone Cooperative. The location gives good access to grocery, drugstores and most shopping. I am no longer responsible for outdoor maintenance like mowing, raking and snow removal. The great room and kitchen on the main floor are useful. The whole facility is well constructed maintained and attractive. Last, but not least, people are friendly and caring at Cornerstone!" - Judy A.

"I am a person who desires to be alone and enjoy looking out at the wetlands or snowflakes falling. I can close the door and enjoy my unit. If I choose to be social, there are many fun activities to take part in. My favorite now is Wii Bowling League. People watch out for their neighbors. Men are eager to help you loading or unloading your car. I was sitting in my car texting a message to my granddaughter, and I am slow! A neighbor came and checked on me to see if I was okay. When you sit with your head down in the car trying to spell out a message, I probably looked like I had passed out, but the concern and caring was appreciated." - Pat A.

"For our senior years, we could not have made a better choice - a desirable location in one of Plymouth's most accessible areas. The warm, friendly atmosphere quickly resulted in wonderful sociability with other residents. The security, cleanliness and upkeep of Cornerstone adds to the carefree living atmosphere. Regular pluses, of course include: in-unit laundry, heating parking..." - Warren & Lorraine J.